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SNOWGRIP is a new "first of its kind" snow retention coating for metal roofing. SNOWGRIP provides incomparable snow retention capability as well as easy installation, affordability, energy savings, enhanced roof performance and more. SNOWGRIP will not promote ice dams like other snow retention systems may.

The SNOWGRIP two-part Monolithic Abrasive Snow Retention Coating for metal roofs is designed to coat the entire roof to prevent any portion of the snow pack from beginning to slide.


Polyurea may well be the "Last Time you have to coat your Item". Stop wasting money, use Polyurea. It is not as strong as Steel, but Polyurea will last longer than most any coating. Polyurea is a High Performance Plastic - "How Long Does Plastic Last".

I would love to say "We Can Coat Anything From a Rain Drop to A Lightning Bolt" - that is the two things we can not.

Polyurea protective coatings are commonly used for the following reasons:

• Abrasion Resistance
• Corrosion Protection
• Waterproofing
• Chemical, Environment or Atmospheric Resistance
• Decoration
• Structural Enhancement


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Rockbind is focused on minimising the effects caused by its products to the environment. The RB777 system has been developed by using lead free color tinters with natural stone locally sourced and imported Bauxite.

Complementing this standard colour range Rockbind are able to manufacture to your specific colour or brand specifications to leverage more value out of your investment in demarcation or hazard requirements. NOTE: Website Colors shown below will vary from actual product, ask your applicator to show you actual sample plates, or contact Rockbind to have one forwarded to you.


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We install the best product, do it with professional skill and integrity - that is our mode of operation.

Ace Dragon has coated tank linings in Alaska , from the North Slope to the offshore rigs in Cook Inlet.


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